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My Approach:

I listen intently, and look to answer your most important needs, for your business, it may be to organize space, create comfort, brand the environment, or set up a creative atmosphere—all of which helps increase sales, and customers, and retain employees.  For your home, it may be to make your house more of a refuge in a time of change, a place where you and your friends want to spend time together or simply a setting that’s so innately appealing you can scarcely wait to walk from room to room. 

I offer a complimentary initial interview to determine if my approach and services will meet your current needs. There are references and testimonials available for your review upon request. Each project is unique, the combination of deep listening and discussion determines the path of wisdom for each creative endeavor.

For an interview or consultation please fill out the Inquiry Form and I will be in touch with you. I look forward to hearing from you.