Interior Design Solutions

"Creating environments and lifestyles of beauty, health and sustainability."

Jaan Ferree began her career in interior design as an owner of retail establishments selling gifts, decorative accessories, furniture, fine handcrafts, and original art.  She owned two retail businesses in Greenville, North Carolina, and an art gallery in Highlands, North Carolina.

Intentional Design has helped individuals and businesses to improve the ambiance of their interior environments, clarify their interior design goals, improve productivity and creativity, and welcome new opportunities for success.


Commercial Interior Design

" As the founders and owners, we are very proud of the feedback we are now receiving from our loyal customers. The harmonious colors, placement of furnishings, selection of paintings and photographs, the water feature, plants, pottery and many other subtle touches - all of this flows together in a beautiful way.  We feel that we have achieved our vision and enhanced our interior environment significantly - and with just the right touch, thanks to your special gifts and hard work."

Joe and Joan Eckert
Founders and Owners
Laughing Seed Café
Asheville, NC

Residential Interior Design

"Jaan, you really made me stop and think… what are my dreams? What do I want my life to be? You encouraged me to go so much deeper…into my soul…to understand who I am, and what delights and supports me. And then you made that vision a reality. And what a reality it is… I love my home. Love. Love. Love. I am so delighted every time I step into the house. The colors…the furniture…the placements…the accent pieces…things just work together in such a way that my heart soars just being home."

Susan Enderle
Luxury home owner
Asheville, North Carolina