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Interior Design

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Jaan works with residential, commercial and public projects.  Her designs integrate artistic beauty with a deep respect for the power of a place to support, nurture and inspire the people who live, work or visit the place. 

Green Interior Design

wncgbc.jpgFerree is also deeply interested in incorporating green building and sustainable practices into her interior design. Ferree is a member of the Green Building Council in Asheville, North Carolina.


AIANC.gifShe is also an allied member of the Asheville, North Carolina American Association of Architects and is a recommended interior designer by Sarah nsbh.gifSuskana's Not So Big House website.




Sacred Space, Retreats, Meditation Gardens, Labyrinths/Prayer Walks

Ferree has also done numerous commercial and residential designs for interior and exterior spaces where sacred intentions energize a space for public or private use. Her installations of outdoor labyrinths also include Valle Crucis Conference Center in Valle Crucis, NC and Carpe Diem Farms in Highlands, North Carolina. Ferree has experience in consulting on designs and applications of meditation gardens, labyrinths, and sacred spaces. She has worked with Mission Hospitals, Inc. in Asheville, NC on the redesign project of their two chapels. In fact, the chapel on the St Joseph's campus includes an indoor labyrinth (prayer walk) which many find inspirational.

Intentional Design has helped individuals and businesses to improve the ambiance of their interior environments, clarify their interior design goals, improve productivity and creativity, and welcome new opportunities for success.