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Mountain Biz



The Mountain Microenterprise Fund has recently changed its name to Mountain Biz. The organization, headed by Greg Walker Wilson, and has grown significantly under his directorship.  Jaan Ferree began working with MMF when they were busting at the seams with all the staff in one large room.  With space planning, design strategies and feng shui applications she helped them to move into six additional rooms and refurbished the shared break room and conference room that was shared by the other offices in the building.  Jaan also helped design the Hendersonville and Sylva offices of the organization.



 "I was greatly impressed with your spirit and skill as you focused on the relationship between space and productivity.  The sensitive way you interviewed and involved our eight staff and four volunteers served to stimulate healthy work relationships and enhanced communication.  The tangible and intangible returns on our investment in your services are already apparent in the organization.  Jaan, I just want you to know that your impact on MMF has been extremely positive in ways both subtle and obvious. You have inspired us with your graceful style and creative conceptual gifts.  Thank you!"


                        Greg Walker Wilson, Executive Director
(formerly )Mountain Microenterprise Fun
(presently) Mountain Biz

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